Watch app to view lists

I was curious if a watch app is on the roadmap in the near horizon? I think Clear would be great addition on the current line up of large watch screens. I already use Tot and other apps on the Ultra and the screen is big enough to comfortably open up lists using a complication to view them quickly on the go.

Even if it’s not a fully functional iOS port for the watch, I think even just being able to pull up current lists from the phone in read only mode (and use themes!) would be a great addition.


The current small widget would look good on the watch.


I can’t promise the ‘near horizon’ but we were talking about this the other day. There was some groundwork put into it with the modern widgets we just implemented, that are done in SwiftUI and I think the same ‘intents’ system that syncs data to your Watch app or widgets.

We would need to look into it more but it does seem possible it’s a simpler project today vs. the first time around many years ago. Will see if it fits into the 2.x roadmap.


Thanks for considering it! Being able to view lists on my wrist even if it’s read-only is a great convenience and would elevate Clear’s usability greatly.

Also I’m just mostly excited to see how cool the Terminal T800 and Smith would look on the Ultra!