Adding count of items

It would be fantastic if the new CLEAR showed a count of how many items are in each list, like it does in the original CLEAR.

Any chance of that returning?


We’ll keep an eye on it, there is definitely a side of new Clear where we want to reboot back to a more minimal/zen starting place! But you’re definitely not alone in missing this one.

TBH we originally shipped it as a kind of compromise to enable a reliable margin along the right to tap and open lists vs. editing lists with long titles.

New Clear gets around this though with the tap/hold slightly to edit list titles, vs. quick tap to open. (I believe this was a user who had written in with the idea!) So it let us simplify.

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Understood. No demands. Just dislike thinking I have 2-3 items, open it and (surprise!) discover 6!


Still pretty minimal to me.


I like the idea of showing the item count next to a list.

It could be a setting to toggle on/off for those users that want a cleaner uncluttered look.


The legacy had a count for each list based on the number left to complete so if a list had 10 items of which 5 were complete it would show 5 on the right of the bar. I’d like this to be in the beta but could it preview the count like 5/10?


This is a popular request, let me merge it with one of the existing threads!


Please reinstate the count feature as in the original Clear. Really important to me!


I am starting to collect some requests/ideas that might fit under a personalize settings or tweak behaviors kind of section. Could imagine us using our ‘tags’ presentation like this reminders demo and how it shows the time stamp on the top right of the item in smaller text to show the count in your lists.

Will continue thinking but can’t promise this in the initial release quite yet!

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