Having trouble switching lists

I am pulling down to switch to a different list but it doesn’t switch, it just opens another spot to add to my current list.

Never mind. I found the post from April where one taps above the bar at the bottom to go back. Whew. I was swiping down to beat the band. Now I know.

Also is there a place to go where the gestures for the new clear are listed in one place?

Thanks in advance.

The Rewards probably covers most features/interactions. But yeah there are actually 3 ways to go back lol (we’ll probably simplify this for new users).

Pull down to go back is still there. You have to drag a good amount in that build though and release past adding a new item. In the next TestFlight it will be snappier and you won’t have to release for it to back out.

Pinch shut is still active, similar improvements incoming next TestFlight.

And tap above home bar to go back. Some polish for that on the way as well, more generous hit box vertically, tinting to match themes and protection against accidental double taps.

Thank you. That helps a lot!

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I’m really adapting to the “tap above home bar” to go back. Its worth mentioning that the Home Bar is the line/area centered at the bottom of the iphone screen

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Wish you could’ve experienced the 3D Touch to go back in new Clear before Apple gave up on it, it truly felt like a huge simplification and improvement to our other gestures! (Semi responding to your other thread.)

But yeah this is kind of a watered down version of that which is still very useful. I wouldn’t mind if Apple baked it in as a universal back within apps gesture in iOS.

re: switching lists, I really liked Edge Swipes in Legacy Clear to move between my top 3-5 most-used lists.

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I’d like to solve this with new version, I keep thinking more vertical swiping with our vertical lists. Hoping to try a couple prototype ideas there after release to compare with the old version’s optional side edge swipes.