How do I set a reminder?

Help! How on earth do I set a reminder with the new version??
Left or right swipe either deletes or marks as complete.
Many thanks.
PS the new version is terrible in my opinion and I’m currently now using iOS Reminders on my iPhone in place of Clear.
This is a last ditch attempt before I delete Clear.
Thanks for any advice

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@Colk - to set a reminder swipe right, beyond the green complete and you will be able to set a reminder. You’ll see it turn from green to orange.

Send me an email or even iMessage me at with more specifics. We have a lot of onboarding improvements to make (one huge failure was not explicitly pointing out the change in the reminders trigger) and I’m curious what else is bugging you / confusing you the most.

It’s been surprising even me how most people who initially hate the new design quite often come around to it after I can better introduce it personally and answer some of their questions etc. Basically I’m learning from these chats and emails and forum discussions what our blindspots are so we can do a better job via the app itself.

(Clear in general has this issue because of the learning curve required with its gestures etc.… for every one of you who fell in love with the 1.x, many others dropped out in the first few days feeling confused. But as you know, if you pick it up, it pays off very well over time in this fluency. New design is the same. But smoothing out this initial hump/curve is a key problem for us to keep trying to solve better. Gonna try some serious onboarding improvements in 2.x updates, even offering video tutorial options for those who prefer it etc.)