What starting 'prefill' lists or template lists do you think people would find helpful?

Hey everyone, one running thought I’ve had with Clear is that I feel like a lot of people trying it out for the first time would probably appreciate the right selection of prefilled lists (along with the today’s todos and gesture tutorial one).

Would like to add an initial set for new people in the 2.1. But we also have widgets to design and implement, and there’s kind of a family feud element here of trying to guess at what kind of lists the average person would most appreciate. I could use some of some help and eyes and perspectives on this design problem!

So. What do you all think are the most broadly useful/relatable/fun lists to get started we should include?

One angle is the iconic / most useful lists, such as:

  • Groceries
  • Errands
  • Shopping
  • etc.

Curious what you all think are the s-tier must-includes in this group.

Another angle is if they can come prefilled with useful content you can immediately get going checking off, for instance a Bucket List with some fun items, or 50 must see movies, that kind of thing. Or say the “Pixar Tier List” we included in betas where you can have fun sorting them around or sharing with friends.

Basically some way to start engaging and having some checklists in Clear reflect your life without needing to come up with some lists out of the gate. :+1:

A movies list is a staple in my lists for sure!

A list for dinner ideas too!
A list of restaurants to visit too!


Maybe make it optional, “would you like Clear to install sample lists?”



I have a similar restaurant list, but thinking through this right now, it would be difficult to prefill items in it too relevantly with how localized they are, and I think it’s quite beneficial for these lists to come populated in a fun or useful way.

So maybe with this kind of list one big plus is if you can engage with the prefilled items wherever you are from etc.

So movies/tv/games/books etc. check that off.

Dinner ideas for home cooking is a possibility, though I wonder what proportion do that vs. eating out / ordering in all the time lol.

Or if we were to include a “Treat Yourself” list we would want to focus on items to fill it out that are fairly accessible/relatable in that way. Like “Treat from favorite local bakery” etc.

Household cleaning chores

And I have multiple travel lists that I look at and reuse anytime I go somewhere

  • travel essentials packing list
  • optional packing list (stuff like swim suit that depends on the location)
  • camping packing list
  • tasks to complete before traveling (book pet sitter, check in to flight etc)

Generally try to avoid options like that, but in this context (prefilled first time user lists) I would be trying to avoid having too many and overwhelming at the least, so you can easily delete the ones you don’t care for. So maybe we could shoot for 4-5 to try to start and see how it works for people.

We had included some prefill lists like this during the beta, and I don’t THINK anyone really complained about it but it’s possible it annoyed a few vs. a blank slate.

Trip packing list is very cool, because I feel like most people’s lists include a bunch of the same staples we can prefill and let people use out of the gate or tweak like that. Plus, kind of nice how it gets you thinking about your next trip.

  • First date ideas
  • What to do with your kids
  • How to silence your monkey mind
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Made a movie bucket pre-fill list, aiming for something MOST people could check off many things in. Curious, approximately what percentage of these movies have you seen? This might be a little too broad, maybe needs some more lesser seen gems. (Open to additions / suggestions for list too for what Clear community thinks is must-sees.)

Movie Bucket List
Check off the ones you’ve seen, and enjoy watching your way through the rest.
The Lion King (1994)
Pulp Fiction
Star Wars (OG Trilogy)
Back to the Future
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Lord of the Rings
Blair Witch Project
Mission: Impossible
John Wick
Die Hard
The Matrix
Pirates of the Caribbean
Terminator 2
The Wizard of Oz
The Sound of Music
Singin’ in the Rain
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Breakfast Club
The Karate Kid
Office Space
The Princess Bride
The Shawshank Redemption
Home Alone
Shrek & Shrek 2
Austin Powers
Get Out
Boogie Nights
Batman Trilogy (Nolan)
Batman (Burton)
The Fugitive
The Incredibles
Inside Out
Toy Story
The Ring
The South Park Movie
The Big Lebowski
The Lego Movie
Independence Day
The Shining
Everything Everywhere All At Once
The Royal Tenenbaums
Mad Max: Fury Road
Harry Potter: Azkaban
The Social Network
Spiderman 2
The Silence of the Lambs
Spirited Away
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Saving Private Ryan
Dr. Strangelove
Princess Mononoke
Casino Royale
Groundhog Day
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mary Poppins
Kill Bill: Vol 1
The Truman Show
Jurassic Park
Good Will Hunting

would there also be a way for people to make their own templates? Say, if I have a specific shopping list I need to repeat or a list of subtasks for a school assignment or something.


This is a possibility, there’s a number of ways this could go. But one possible eventual form is a ‘list library’ with a bunch of lists you can grab, and in that section it seems intuitive enough to just let you make your own as well.

Spent some more time today sketching out initial lists to add in 2.1 for new people.

Hopefully these are widely relatable/useful with a little editing to get started with but curious if anyone has feedback there:

And the return of the beta Pixar tier list?

This one is very long, feels overwhelming compared to your other ones. But maybe’s the point is to demonstrate a longer list?

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Yeah or at least the thinking was it might be good to have a list like this where you can start by simply checking a lot of things off. Easy way to demo the satisfaction of that and start filling Clear with some personal lists.

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In the custom templates it would be neat to have preset fonts and themes too

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