Not noticing what has improved from Classic

Hi - I was quite excited to test this, but I am not really appreciating what the improvement is with this new release. I have been a daily user of Clear for many years. I have been using the beta, but keep reverting back to the classic version. I know part of it is just that I am used to the swiping and movement of items in Classic and just not liking the way the items move in this version.

I miss being able to see the number of list items displayed when I am in the main menu of my lists. I also only seem to have 4 themes in this beta and none of them are similar to the one I use in Classic (Ultraviolet).

I will continue to test the beta version, but not immediately seeing what makes this an improvement. I’m hopeful, though! :blush:

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Here’s some things I recommend giving a try or picking up in the new Clear:

  1. Try picking up an item and holding it, then tap some other items with the other hand, they will add under your finger for batch sorting or even:

  2. Moving item(s) between lists. While holding item(s) you can use your back gesture with the other hand, then drop them off into another list. This is great for things like a daily todo system with a today list, tomorrow etc. you can shuttle items between.

  3. Archive a lot of lists! Anything you don’t care about right now throw them out of sight and out of mind for now.

  4. Try the simple formatting feature, you can make items in a list bigger ending them with a : or smaller starting them with a space. Useful for visually organizing longer or more important lists.

  5. Try tapping above the home bar (the thing you use to exit apps in iOS etc.) as an alternative quick gesture to back out of lists

Don’t worry too much (for now) about the animations, they are due for a polish pass and overall we will be tightening things up and making things feel snappier ahead of release.


No. 5 is so smart! I love this :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestions! Will definitely give them a try!

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I didn’t understand this until just now. Incredible!

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