The New Clear FAQ

I’ll try to answer some frequently asked questions about the new Clear here and keep this updated.

When will it be out?
Later this year. I know, we’ve missed deadlines. But that’s our goal!

What’s new in it?
We’re still preparing some final announcements, but it’s a full blown reboot and redesign. Think Casino Royale. If you’re a longtime Clear user you’ll probably appreciate new gestures like moving items between lists, over 50 beautiful themes to collect and an awesome new screenshot to share functionality plus a dozen or so new features and improvements.

What platforms?
iPhone only to start.

iPad? Mac? Watch?
We hope someday, if we can make the new Clear successful!

Will it be subscription?
Yes. We are going to make it worthwhile for daily users. But if you currently own Clear you will be offered a generous legacy offer. More info to come.

Can I help test or try the new beta?
Sure, hop over to this thread for instructions.

I was looking for more like a comprehensive gesture FAQ. Clear uses (not always obvious) gestures to do what most apps do with menu choices: print, export, and so on. Is there one?

Hey there, are you asking about the gestures in the current version of the app, or the redesigned beta being tested now? That’s a good point though, I should prepare some kind of gesture guide thread for the forums.

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Sorry, looks like I posted in the wrong thread. Yes, the current version of Clear. (I assume the Beta version will eventually need its own, but I’m not using it currently.) Thanks.

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No worries! It’s a good idea, I will add it to my list here though that list is lengthening quite rapidly :sweat_smile:

I have a feeling you know most of the gestures in the App Store version – the one more hidden one is probably shake, for some extra options. And sometimes people forget you can pinch to insert between rows :slight_smile:

There are some old ones I found on YouTube actually:


Wow I didn’t even think of that. Thank you so much for digging those up and sharing! (Very happy we decided to start this forum up, you all are awesome.)

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