Request for new functions

Please add the following functions

  • Press the app icon (on home screen) to, for example, add new articles and use other functions

  • Interface to Apple shortcuts, via shortcuts, to add new items to lists.

  • (function from the old app) switch from one list to another by swiping horizontally from the right or left edge of the screen

  • (function from the old app) to set an appointment reminder, please show calendar view again. (Currently only possible via appointment carousel.)

  • (function from the old app), iCloud option for iPad and Mac app.


God, seconding some way/gesture to be able to flip through your lists. Having to go back to the list screen every time just to change between lists is maddening.

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Was this request registered?

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For me the most interesting widget is the best way at the minute. I have a Smart Stack which is simply one clear widget for every list I have. So wiping up or down on the widget works for me.

I think 2 or 3 of your requests should be addressed by later this year. And we’ll go from there!