Syncing with iPhone and Ipad

I believe that Clear can sync between an iPhone or iPad with a Mac computer, but Clear app cannot sync between iPhone and iPad. If this is the case, why is that? I love the Clear app, but I wish that it would sync between my iPhone and iPad. Also, if would be great if Clear app could sync on my PC. Thanks

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Ah sorry to disappoint there… we basically have to rebuild modern sync engine and it’s a major project we hope to get to, but also don’t feel quite ready to chew and digest properly right now. We should be at least scouting this situation out some more later this year.

P.S. you can add the iPhone widgets to Mac to at least mirror your lists there, though can’t edit them etc.

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Thank you! Can you mirror iPhone widgets to a PC? Probably not, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. Thanks

Just to the latest Mac OS!

Can you email a clear list with a gesture? Thanks

If you take a screenshot of a list, it gives you a few options of sending them, including email.

Also really looking forward to iPad version being up and running :pray:

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