New to beta. iCloud sync not working

Been working with new Clear for a few days. iCloud sync doesn’t appear to work between iPad and iPhone on same iCloud account. Clear enabled in both devices. Is this current feature or future???

I’ll let the Devs speak to this more, but sync is currently not implemented for a number of reasons.
I bet Phil will drop by soon and give you the full reasoning.

Thank you. I was curious. Glad to know it’s not a problem.

Hey yeah, the new Clear isn’t going to sync when it launches and will be kind of a reboot and new foundation for the app’s hopeful future. I am realizing this should be onboarded more clearly to new testers, especially if we can somehow identify them when they import their lists into the beta.

Here’s a forum post where I tried to share the overall situation: Clear iPad & Mac Taken Off Sale - #21 by phillryu

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