Bug: Completed items in imported lists from Clear 1.x are reverse-ordered

In previous versions of the app I was able to sort all the completed items in a list with the most recent one at the top; it seems that in the new beta the oldest finished item is always at the top of all the finished items in a list.

I’d really like to have the most recent finished items up top since those are the most salient. Don’t really need to always see the very first to-do I ever finished in Clear :slight_smile: (If sorting this way is indeed still possible, let me know how to do it!)

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I was just quickly testing here, in the new Clear, when I check off items they stack at the top of completed items below by default. (As it does in old Clear.) That seems like the behavior you expect, but you’re seeing the reverse?

Am I misunderstanding, or is this a new bug I was unaware of? Let me know if you can confirm on what you’re seeing.

You’re right—newly checked off items are staying at the top. But all my imported lists from the old app are displaying in the inverse way (oldest checked off item at the top) and there’s no way to re-sort.

Less important if it’s just imported lists I guess but kind of annoying for me given the number of lists I’ve imported and the number of old and newer completed items. Thanks for the help!

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I see! Lists imported from your old Clear reversing the order of completed items is a bug I wasn’t aware of. And we should fix that for launch for sure.

Glad to have surfaced it!

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P.S. going to edit your post title for easier reference in the future!