Using Clear so much I want to tap at the bottom of all my apps to up-folder

SOOO jealous of all the themes out there :face_with_spiral_eyes: no matter how much I use New Clear, I still only have the basic three. I miss Shangri-La from my Legacy Clear. Can someone throw us newbies a hint about how to earn?? nudge nudge

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Yes, sorry it’s confusing right now! You can have a chance for loot drop right now via:

  1. Completing some items by checking them off
  2. Then pulling up from bottom of the list, to clear them away

You will have a higher chance for a drop based on how many completed items you clear away. But I’ve been realizing a lot of people never or rarely clear, so interested in trying a chance for loot by checking off too. Just want to make sure it doesn’t end up being too interruptive.

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Thanks for your reply, you really helped - and I learned a lot about New Clear by playing around.

I’ll be honest, I’m here for the pretty colours :heart_eyes:

Unlocked the Notes theme, which I think is identical to the Minimalist theme??? but thrilled nonetheless.

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Oh good catch. There’s a couple older themes we have to pull probably like that one, it used to feel more special because it came with the Noteworthy font, but now that we’ve separated collectible fonts/color themes it kind of lost its identity.