Seemingly random font unlocks?

A couple times over the last few days I’ve just been using the app as normal and got awarded a font for no discernible reason. It was Futura a couple days ago and Amatic just today. Again, not attached to any reward and not bought from the shop — just going about my business in the app as usual. Any idea what could be causing this?

I think the app has hidden rewards when you complete certain thresholds! Enjoy them! :slight_smile:

You probably got those from simply checking off and clearing away tasks. I unlocked a whole bunch of fonts, icons and quote packs that way. :sweat_smile:

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Yes there is a pool of some cosmetics you can earn as ‘random loot’. Tiny chance each time you check off something, and a bit bigger chance when you ‘pull to Clear’ a bunch of completed tasks.

But we have been moving away from them and will phase them out over future updates I think in favor of more rewards/achievements. Because it is confusing like you posted about! The randomness I think also makes them less satisfying to earn.

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