Switch off emojis in settings menu

I love how clean this app looks except for the settings menu with the emojis, maybe there could be a way to turn those off?


I also agree this should be an option. Clear is legible and bright because of the vivid background colors. The emoji make it feel cluttered and confused.

An option to turn them off would be nice. Or perhaps a monochromatic option to make them a solid color, so everything feels a bit more uniform and cohesive


I add my vote to this. Would be nice if an option was being given.

I like to keep things as minimal as possible.


Yeap, it’s also my wish, and have expressed that. They said they will probably remove them, thankfully.


I agree. I really dislike those big emojis, they ruin the entire minimal aesthetic of the app. Can we please have a way to get rid of them?


Maybe I’m in the minority here, but they don’t bother me. The way the lists in the old list catalog had emoji in their names ended up prompting me to put emoji in the names of my own “permanent” lists, too. Having the option to turn them off wouldn’t hurt me, of course.

Thanks for all the feedback. We’ll have a build-out this week or next removing the emojis. It’s part of our simplifications #10 test flight series.

Edit: Today, September 19th (Simple fun) build should solve this issue.

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