Total item count

I’m missing seeing the total number of items inside a list on the right of the list title.
Any plans to bring this to the new Clear?


Not in the initial release, let me try to explain our thinking:

One thing is we are going for a kind of Casino Royale style reboot – like back to basics, and hoping to take this opportunity to shed some layers and give us a blank slate to rethink on. So with the zen/minimalist side of Clear I wanted to try resetting on the badge counts and such and re-evaluate them.

We originally included these counts late in development of the 1.0, not so much because we wanted counts, but because we needed a reliable margin along the side of your lists that you could tap to enter them. (Vs. tapping list title to edit.) However we have a cleaner solution in the new design! Editing list titles requires a very quick tap/hold/release, which enables a simple quick tap anywhere on list row to open it.

I hope that makes some amount of sense. I wouldn’t rule them out coming back in some form in the future if they are an enduring and popular request, but we did want to simplify some things where we could, before we start building back up again.

I definitely miss knowing how many items are in a list. Perhaps there can be an option toggle? Some who want absolute Zen can leave it off… I am having a good time with the app so far and looking forward to the final release.


Yeah I think some of these things will return in the form of future personalization options after the initial release.