App icon numbered badge for specific task list

This was a feature I really liked in the previous version of clear. You could set the Home Screen icon to show a numbered badge for the number of tasks yet to complete in the list you selected in the app

Would be cool to have something like this working in future


I agree it would be very useful to me too

I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I will admit I intentionally left this one out, as a part of rebooting to a simpler and more zen place. (I feel like this is one of those settings more people turn on than they should… if that makes any sense. Similar reason we keep resisting adding more nesting levels to lists.) But I’m curious what the community consensus ‘most missed features’ will end up being as more people try out the new Clear.

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Just from my own perspective I’m definitely in a more zen state of mind if I can know I’ve done all my tasks for the day without having to open my task app to check I haven’t forgotten anything!

Otherwise I’ll be regularly opening the app just in case I missed something important

Having Home Screen app icon badge numbers is honestly one of the features I look for in a good task app


Throwing my name into the ring in support of this.

I’m ruthless with turning off badges; I think in the majority of cases, they either don’t give enough information, where a notification would be better, or they give almost no actionable information, and should be turned off. When I see people’s phone screenshots with e.g. email apps with badges in the thousands: why not just turn it off? You know you always have unread mail, and you’re just going to check the top of your inbox when you have time. Make your home screen a little nicer. (anyway, sorry for the distracting rant)

However, an implementation like Clear’s, where you have to intentionally turn on the setting and choose a list, seems to be a more mindful implementation. A badge could actually tell you whether you have more errands that need to be completed today, or if you’re… Clear.

That said, I feel like the eventual home screen widgets will supplant this feature for most. Seeing not just how many uncompleted tasks there are, but what the first 4–6 actually are, would be great. Also, being able to glance at multiple lists’ counts. It’s something I really look forward to, personally.


I agree, this would be a super handy feature.
My main use case is displaying a badge with a count of unfinished items on my “Today” list.

A key point is not to overwhelm people with showing a count for every unticked item in Clear, but to let users explicitly select a list. Maybe allowing the count to include even more than one list like “Today” and “Groceries” could be an option, but I’m wondering if this should require to show an indicator on lists whether they contribute to the count badge.

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here. I’ve used Clear since 2012, almost everyday, perfectly happy with the original version. What I’ve always liked is the minimalism of the app. Yet I was curious about testing the beta version, so here I am :slightly_smiling_face:
I agree with Paul, who initiated this topic. What immediately struck me when I saw the first screen of the beta version is that the numbers on the right of each list are no longer here. They are important to me, so I guess I’ll get back to the original version if the number of unfinished tasks for each list don’t come back on the new version.
Apart from that, I find everything else quite cool - though I haven’t figured out yet how you can get more themes and icons…

I’m coming back from the classic version and really liked having the number of tasks next to each list. I was also a fan of the badge number on the home screen.

Would it be possible to add an option toggle in a future update?

I noticed swiping a list to the left allows for deleting or archiving. What if swiping to the right toggles for task numbers to be shown or the list to be prioritized (starred)

It’s great to see Clear being given a new lease of life! It’s been my daily driver ToDo list app since it was first released and I haven’t found anything that’s half as good. So thank you! :pray:

I’d also add my vote to this feature. App badges drive pretty much my entire working usage of my phone. It means I can see everything I need to do/respond to at one glance of my Home Screen. I don’t use Widgets myself for the same reasons of simplicity and zen. No badges showing means nothing to do which means time to relax! :sunglasses:

Echoing the badges - I need to see how much is on my list without having to open the app every time.

Just checked out the new “Complications” in v2.0.2 and was super happy to see the app badge return! Thank you!! :raised_hands:


For sure. And thank you all in this thread for making your case for them, it’s one of the smaller things in Clear I don’t use myself so was something of a blindspot.

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