Icon badge not working

My clear icon badge is stuck on 11. Even if I add or delete todos it still says 11

This is happening to me too. Mine is stuck at 2. I had two items on my active list on the old version before updating, and you used to be able to have the icon badge indicate how many items were in the active list (the list you were viewing). My guess is the badge count is stuck at whatever it was on the old version prior to updating.

I’d like the icon badge feature back in the new version.

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Sorry this seems to have stuck from the old version. In the meantime, I think if you swipe right (past checkmark) on an item and set one reminder, it should pop up permissions and then wipe the count.

I have the similar issue, tried your solution with no success.
Also, where are counters for the number of incomplete tasks that showed at the end of each item list title?

In this case when you go to Settings app is there a page for Clear where you can turn off the icon badging for now? (Assuming you had given it the push permissions at some point.)

Those counters were removed in the new design. In the original design they were actually added last minute, not because we wanted counters, but because we needed a guaranteed margin you could tap to open lists with very long names.

The new design gets around this (tap anywhere on row to open, tap/hold very briefly to edit the title) and no longer had this requirement!

Too bad for managing many lists at once. It was a very helpful feature to glance and see how many items are incomplete in each list without a need to taping on a list to check. Also, if the list has all items or todos completed, the title font became muted. I assume this helpful feature is also gone.

I toggled badges on and off in iPhone Notifications Settings. It turns badges on and off without resetting it to render the correct count.

Re counters. Even Todo from MS has counters for each list. It’s really helpful if you have 10-15 lists to pay attention. I would argue to implement counters to the new version.

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+1,000,000 on that. ^

Y’know, eventually.

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Yes, please bring badge count back in the next update :smiley:

This is happening for me too and is very bothersome. I looked around for other options with the OS update made the app crash a ton, but I’m sticking with Clear. Hopefully they can fix this in an update soon.

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You should be at least able to wipe away the stuck number on the badge with this workaround:

  1. Swipe right past checking off an item and make a reminder
  2. Accept the permissions for push notifications
  3. Open Settings app and find Clear there, and disable icon badging if this issue is persisting still

Thanks for the reply, but when I get to the reminder and set one, I don’t get a pop about push notifications. Maybe this is because I’ve used them in the past? I tried turning off notifications and then setting a reminder and still got no popup. Let me know if I’m missing something…

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Ok got it, so if you have notifications already showing up in your Settings app, you should be able to toggle off the icon badging there, so the stuck number goes away. The new Clear doesn’t do anything with an icon badge yet… probably will in future updates but this can workaround for now.

I was able to delete and reinstall the app, which then allowed me to trigger the popup and clear the badge as a count of items on the list (I do want that back in the app!). Now I just have to rebuild my lists, which isn’t a big deal for me as they aren’t that long.

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The last update fixed this issue for me. Thanks!

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Oof I wish I caught this one before you deleted, but that’s good to hear it’s not a huge deal to get back up and running. There is some complexity with how iOS deals with push permissions so it’s possible we may have a bug to fix, or a case we hadn’t anticipated. Curious if things settle after the update (and some workaround reboots) or if issues persist in the next few weeks for any others.