Empty lines at top of Theme list

Love the new Theme icons that show the list and app icon look. However, there are even more empty lines at the top of the list in today’s beta.

Oof I wasn’t aware it could stack up like that. We’re aware of this one / have a fix in the works to filter them out. (It’s an issue that’s existed before but we just moved/rearranged a bunch of unlocks that’s exacerbating it.)

Yeah, they only started appearing for me when I unlocked some rewards. One row for each.

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Conversely, I’ve had the blank entries breeding at the top for at least a few builds. I had a play around with the new TestFlight earlier and the situation got worse. I just went into the app to submit a screenshot and the blank entries are gone! Instead my latest unlocks are now at the top (I’m unsure if they were even showing before) and all blanks are gone from Themes and App Icons.