Theme concepts. 🎨

Spamming some random feedback/nitpicks re: themes/visuals here:

  1. Have said it before, but a necessary and ideal eventual revamp for the Personalize area, imo, would be breaking Themes and Icons down into collections. Would help with organization, and maybe even loading times? The font screen could use some decluttering (both in terms of layout, and pruning the zanier ones), with in-list previews being helpful. Reorder, favorite, and hide would all be huge. I picture the Archive as a place with sections where you dump all unwanted lists/offerings.

  2. Design Challenges. Once every 2 weeks or so on Twitter post a call to submit concepts for a new visual based on a specific prompt, choosing one winner. Would be good for engagement and keeping the fun times going.

  3. The first thing I noticed when I got on the beta years ago is that the stripes in the icons are all haggard. Being someone who has spent a good amount of time editing them I’ve always wondered what the deal was with it being like the picture below. (And while I’m on this topic, I noticed that the app icons, favicon, Twitter avi, and forum logo are all slightly different from each other. Makes me second-guess if I’m playing around with the preferred version.)

  1. I would say don’t feel compelled to put in the work to bring all of the legacy themes back. Maybe a few, but most of them are kinda meh.

  2. The “Clear X” theme would look cooler if it went Heatmap red→yellow instead of just red→orange. I waited a long time for that theme and it’s less poppy than I anticipated with the subtle fade.

  3. “kokomo” isn’t capitalized, not sure if intentional.

  4. There’s a typo in one of the quotes… the word “soa r” in the one attributed to Wash. Unless I’m just not in on the reference.

  5. And lastly… that Luminova theme? :point_right:t3::point_left:t3:

I went long as usual, I know. Just some notes, don’t feel obligated to respond. Thanks guys.


We will definitely be allowing sorting in all cosmetics lists and probably archiving ones you don’t care for too. Luminova theme should be in next TF!

Will see on those smaller fixes.

Congratulations for all those awesome themes! :+1:t3:
I can’t wait to have a variety of them to choose from in the future. For the time being, I’ve just switched to themes Luminova, one of the two new ones I got today :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, hope they make it in. nudge nudge

And yeah, Luminova is hot. Put that right on as the theme on my main list.


Being a bigtime animal adorer I had to make ones for my favorite types of dog and cat.


Speaking of themes… anyone see this ad on instagram?

Design look familiar?

imma cat dad, but I love the Shih Tzu. Also my cat is gray, so it still works for me.

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Yeah, the animal ones were the funnest to do. The tongue complete bar makes me laugh every time.

Clear could make some decent money maybe selling private custom themes, if that’s possible to implement. After pets, sports teams, or just colors people like/ideas they have.

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These are all beautiful (keep ‘em coming!) and I would love any addition. But Magic Hour got my heart instantly. :heart_eyes:

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I love that people like that one. As I said above, it’s the only one based on a real photo I took.

And don’t say keep ‘em coming, then I’m legally required to keep them coming.


(More people should jump in with these, I know there are some designers around.)

These are GORGEOUS! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: that they go into collectibles. The third one reminds me of limewire <3

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Oh man Limewire. That brings me back.


Let’s get a couple of these into the next TestFlight.

I had been thinking Inferno and Glacial here as a fun set that definitely is not represented in our current collection, but you probably have them all unlocked by now so I’m curious what you would propose!


Yaaay! May I also suggest including magic hour and that cloud forest :heart_eyes:

and the Forelsket looks amazing too.

Ha, that never occurred to me, but now I’ll never unsee it. I was just doing lemon-lime.

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Oh wow, for real? Sweet. Y’all can use any/all going forward as you see fit. Glacial and Inferno are cool. People seem to like Magic Hour. Forelsket, Basher, Cloud Forest, and Crisp are the few that I’d be most excited to use? Or whatever people jump in and suggest is fine.

I’ve tweaked almost all of them to make them a little better since posting. Can DM you the updated versions and colors codes, if needed.

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Ok cool I’ll keep you posted. Some of the themes it’s possible might overlap some planned sets here and such so trying to play it safe, but I think the Fire/Ice combo is all clear there and fun!

I personally don’t care how many similar themes there are haha I love a lot of them, especially some of the ones up there. With the app being free plus iAP and the current unlock system I think the more the merrier!!

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