TestFlight #8: Reminders

Yup, I’m now sure that the dots are causing this glitch.

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It looks like I’ve encountered a bug (or perhaps an overzealous feature) with Clear recognizing time words in seemingly random languages as reminder cues. Words for “today” in Romanian (azi) and German (heute) are picked up, while Italian oggi, Portuguese hoje, and Spanish hoy are not. None of those languages are on my phone’s “preferred languages” list in Settings > General > Language & Region. Anyone know where Clear/Apple looks to decide what languages are recognized here?

…on the bright side, I re-enabled the two-finger tap gesture and the latest update seems to have addressed the accidental trigger issue. Clear does still occasionally miss an attempt to pinch thoughts apart to add new ones in the middle, but even missed attempts don’t trigger a two-finger tap.

Glad it’s back but there’s a huge problem with this approach. Let’s say you have a meeting at 3pm and you want to be reminded 30 minutes earlier.

“Meeting at 3pm” already sets the reminder. You’d have to write “Meeting at threepm at 2:30pm” just so you wouldn’t trigger the reminder. I’ve literally messed up times on earlier versions because of this.

We should still be able to click on the time and adjust with the pop up as it was on the original Clear.


Appreciate you chasing this down, thank you.

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Technically you can edit via text. But it makes me wonder, perhaps we could consider an optional behavior/setting later to automatically create a reminder 10 minutes ahead of any scheduled item you make?

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Not really. The issue is wanting to be reminded about something that is happening in your X at time Z. If you write the time of the thing it will remind you at the time you wrote, which defeats the purpose of having a reminder for such a thing.

This goes for lots of situations. Let’s say you have a “haircut at 3”. You don’t want to be reminded at 3. So to be reminded you’d have to set the timer for 2 but you can’t write down that it’s at 3 in a “normal way” otherwise you’d trigger the reminder wrongly.

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this has destroyed usability of the app for me. i too, use it with a day of the week and i shuffle around things i need to do within the week within one list. now my days of the week appear blank - if i click they will show the day but if i click the underlined word it makes no difference, it just goes blank or turns to a date as soon as i click out of that item. it said to include screenshots but i can’t find any way in the app to create a ticket.

I have this reproduced now. The intended current experience is that it should underline/recognize ‘Monday’ but if you tap that phrase, it should disable special treatment for reminders. That functionality is definitely bugged and we will fix for next beta.

I just pushed 9.1. It includes:

:spiral_calendar: NLP Reminders now opt-in (tap underline to activate)
:tada: Confetti on loot drops simplified away
:art: New pastel themes to collect

I’m hoping the NLP reminders opt-in tweak sets it on the right direction.


There’s a missing icon for the Vanilla Cream theme and when it’s selected, the icon that remains is from the previous used theme in the TF #9.1

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Whoops, typo in the code. Will fix for next update.

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Using test flight version 9.1, clear isn’t showing notifications for reminders. There’s no entry in system settings / notifications to enable.

Is this expected?