TestFlight #3: Collectible App Icons, Swipe Left to Archive List and some more

Why am I not seeing the store option anymore.
Can you confirm the time interval and time zone that it appears to collect additional items ?

We’re we able to mix and match themes to different lists? How do you do that ?


The Secret Shop has been cut in TF #2 in favor of a new random loot drop mechanic. Basically first you check off some things throughout your day. Then you pull to clear them away. Each time you pull to clear, based on the # of items done, you get a chance for a loot drop.

Setting personalization settings to individual lists is not in currently! But… maybe that’s coming sooner than later? :eyes:

Is it just me or were some tweaks made to prevent “theme farming”/adding lists repeatedly and clearing the items? :eyes:

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There were not! We need to get that in sooner than later (along with balancing it to be more generous for real usage in some ways) but no changes for now in loot drop rates since it was introduced.

We’re reminders also removed?
Used to type walk dog 10am and it would recognize the 10am as alert time, no longer doing that

Chunky style font also removed?

Unfortunately this was disabled in the previous TestFlight due to us as a small team not having the resources to properly polish it off. (The natural language direction felt good but it’s a mess to make it polished for different languages etc.) We’re hoping we’ll come up with some simpler but still good idea sooner than later…

Chunky style was removed in favor of the new separated font and font size options. If you liked chunky maybe try medium or large there.

Possible to add toggle option to add natural input detection with notation only available for English? Worked good and now definitely missed. :sob:


Ah gotcha! Thanks!

Also, are unlocked themes/app icons synced via iCloud so if I delete the app or move over the public release when it’s out they’ll all transfer over?

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I’m chiming in for my first post to say that I’m loving the TestFlight #3 update! Clear has been on my iPhone’s home screen for over a decade now. As a matter of fact, there have been times where Clear has been the only app on my home screen. I use it on a daily basis, and nothing else has come close to the way it works with my workflow and preferences. Thanks for all the work you have been putting into the app and for the detailed email updates. I look forward to what’s in store and to being a part of this community! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s lovely to hear!! It’s been a great inspiring and motivating feedback loop here with all this feedback from you all as we continue on the work left for release. There’s definitely some exciting TestFlight builds planned ahead. (Next up probably individual list personalization, long requested and more fun with all the personalization!)

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I’m enjoying the new beta! I keep seeing “loot drops” mentioned but I never get any sort of notifications about them. We used to be able to purchase new themes at night but I’m not even seeing that now

When you pull up to clear out a list of its checked off items, you’ll see a bottom notification for a new personalization unlocked — but only after a certain number of items have been completed. So it doesn’t happen too often. When I started doing a “done” list, loot began to drop more on the regular. “Done” lists are where you write down throughout the day what you did, and then at the end of the day look through it and check it all off — they feel great! And they’re usually at least 15-20 items long for me, so you figure 20 items a day and you’ll see 1-2 new personalization unlocks each week. And the shop was removed in favor of this surprise unlock/loot drop system.

Ah! Ok, thank you! I wasn’t clearing lists very often. Normally the lists I keep are for packing and things like that so they get set as completed but never cleared.

We might take a quick stab for next TF at rigging up loot drop chances to checking off items too. I have been lately realizing how many people rarely or never clear their completed items. Some of that is perhaps a failure of onboarding the interaction well, but there are many other reasons people don’t clear too, such as lists where they repeat the items a lot, and people who prefer the satisfaction of a growing pile of things they got done. Lots to think on here!


Is there any chance of implementing a “loot priority” option? For instance, I need exactly one font, not 71. I’d like to exclude fonts from being my loot because I’m never, literally NEVER, going to need them.
My vision issues do not support 71 fonts, but I love colors and icons. I realize I am probably the only person thinking about this, but I wanted to drop the thought just the same.
Thanks for all you do!


Hmm I will say my rough guess is fonts will be <15% of the final loot pool, so hopefully not too frequent for people who care less for them.

That’s actually a good number. I also hate to say it, but the irony of this post is the very next unlock was Inter by Rasmus and smack me around if I don’t really love that font… damnit…

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:smiling_face: seems like that’s starting to becoming a recurring experience on this thread! Not so exciting until an exciting one drops. But yeah should be a smaller part of the pool for launch overall, you all may be having a different experience if you had previously unlocked all the themes so far and it’s just left on icons/fonts or something too.