Task/list level inconsistency: a thread

Making this into one thread since I keep coming across minor things and replying them here and there - feel free to add things you notice as well!

I’ve been noticing certain behaviors which work within a list but don’t on the list of lists-level, and vice versa. This goes kind of contrary to what I’ve come to expect from Clear: one set of gestures that act the same/similar across all contexts (within the limits of what’s possible). A couple of these go for different contexts too, but mostly it’s list of lists vs items in a list.

Things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. I can format text into headers (end with colon) or smaller items (lead with a space) for items in a list, but this doesn’t work on the list level. I might have extra important lists, or use empty ones to split my lists into categories, or similar.
  2. I can’t check off an entire list by swiping to the right on the list at the list of lists-level.
  3. I can’t set reminders at the list level (“hey dude, time to go over that packing list of yours”).
  4. When creating an item, I can use the “next” button on the keyboard to create multiple items quickly. I can’t do this to create multiple lists quickly.
  5. I can’t sort items in the shop. I’m not quite sure why I’d want to, but I also don’t see a reason not to. Edit: was wrong about where you can’t re-order things, see below.

A few of these are features I don’t see a direct use for, but I’d love to have them in the interest of just learning one simple set of gestures without also learning which contexts each gesture can be used in. It’s also a little fun to play around with slightly nonsensical stuff, like why would I need to sort the main menu, except for the joy of discovering that I can. It has the same feel as when you apply two game mechanics together in a video game without being taught it; it just feels nice.

I’ll keep adding to this as I go.


This is an amazing post man. I am just going to link this post in our todo doc under ‘Seams’ so if you do find others definitely update. Obviously many of these are not the most urgent priority but… I really want to get to these in a pass during a bit of a more quieter period and just tighten Clear up to new levels :slight_smile: And we have put in a good amount of effort to remove other seams through beta etc. so it’s definitely more of a priority on Clear than most other apps.

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Thanks! Yeah they’re all well and truly in the “nice to have”-pile, so understand that it might take some time to get to.

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Re-ordering around in the app: I didn’t test this enough. Several of the places I said didn’t work, do in fact already work.

These places still won’t let you re-order items:

  • Complications
  • Rewards (but that’s alright IMO)
  • Shop
  • Gift Clear (same as with Rewards, I’m fine with that)
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Yeah the Rewards (and Gift Clear) are one exception there right now with automatic sorting. (Somewhat shop too, but really only for the starting lineup and then from there sure.)

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I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but: checking/archiving things from the main menu/menu’s in general, would be cool. Like if I don’t care about gifting Clear, or want to hide away the font changing option.

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I have some grand plan for an ‘archive everything’ update at some point, but that will be a fairly major project! But yeah I see this as being in line with our personalization/minimalism sides.

(Gift Clear will probably also be moved off the home level sooner than later. Thinking Rewards should be split up into some sublists like Tutorial, Advanced, Gift Clear or something like that.)

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Yep, would love that but sounds like a hefty thing technically.

Moving Gift Clear into Rewards is great.

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