Subheaders and bullets with collapsible sections

I usually setup lists that reside under a header and am able to with adding the : at the end and then placing a space then •
No way to make collapsible sections.
Currently this is easier to do with apple reminders but who wants to use that. HaHa
When you have beautiful CLEAR.

Hoping others share the same interest and something could be added at some point.
Again…. Amazing progress and listening by the dev team!! Thank You

Maybe an option in gesture settings can accomplish this.
Two finger tap would indent text and add bullet?


This looks like the sub-task feature i’ve been dying for! How did you do this?

Place a colon at the end of the main category. Then, place a space before the name of each ‘subcategory’.

That doesn’t do anything when I try.

Clear has two levels : the list of lists level (blue default) and then the actual list (red default) and that’s it.

Im using the iOS version and trying to add subtasks under items in the red level.

Why won’t it work???

Don’t know why it’s not working for you. You’re using new clear, right?
This may be a clearer (:smirk:) explanation.
Large & Small Text in Tasks

How it looks on my phone (14 Pro). using iOS 16.5.1

This is what happens when I do it.

There’s no update available either.

Did you try with another theme ?

No. This is the default theme.

You’re on the old Clear. We’re all on the V2 beta, which is where that formatting works.


Are you running TestFlight with the New Clear invitation?

No. I’m using the publicly available version.

You need to get on the mailing list for the New Clear. Periodically the devs open more beta test spots. You have to run the TestFlight app and you can then run the New Clear.