Potential to have Nested Lists?

Just downloaded the beta test and excited to poke around the New Clear! ‘Old’ Clear still lives on my home screen and is VERY often used. One feature that I think would be very helpful would be nested lists. For example, I’d love to have Recipes as a top level list, then each recipe as a sub list, with ingredients and steps as the individual ‘tasks’. Or, Movie/Music Recommendations as a top level list, Genres as a sub list, and again, individual items under that. Any chance this is coming as one of the new TestFlight features before release?


I have to be honest I’m still a little squeamish about opening up real nesting! (I feel like if we do… surely people will ask for another level or even infinite nesting? And then I’m scared.)

Do you think the new subheader formatting feature might help in some of those usecases? You can end an item with a : to style it larger and it helps with visual subsections for a list. I realize not totally satisfying but I am curious if it would help with a lot of cases to start.

Completely understandable. One thing that would potentially help quell ‘more and more levels of nesting’ requests would be to allow the creation of additional lists on the main ‘lists, shared, archive, …’ page. That way the functionality in each individual list would remain unchanged. You could go into re-namable ‘lists1’, ‘lists2’, etc the same way you can currently enter ‘lists’, ‘archive’, etc.

But, maybe I’m alone in wanting this as a feature?

The new subheader formatting doesn’t quite work for those particular use cases, only because I feel like for anything long it gets very cluttered, and cluttered is the antithesis of using Clear to me. That said, the new subheader formatting is FANTASTIC, and I’ve already really enjoyed using it for a variety of other lists: