Stuck Icon bug in 2.1.4

I’ve had issues with my icon not changing, it’s been like that for days, it started when I previewed the constellation icon and I noticed that it stayed for 3-4 days without purchase even though I did a restart. With the update it went back to the icon I chose before the bug but now that’s stuck too. Wondering if I’m alone in this issue?

When you say restart did you restart the phone or the application. Restarting just the application after foreclosing did not help me but restarting the phone resolved my issue that was identical to yours.

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Yeah, this is a longstanding iOS bug. Restarting the phone should fix it.

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I keep searching/linking your post for reference, and thinking we should probably implement this too as this question keeps popping up again: App Icon not updating - #13 by Prisma


Yeah, I think Tapbots there did the best thing that can be done until Apple decides to finally fix this bug. I can see it being a recurring support issue otherwise.

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