Icon does not always change when exiting themes menu

Hey another quick one here! When the theme is changed and then exit the menu sometimes the Home Screen icon does not change

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What is the “Themes Menu”?

Are you seeing this with the Dawn theme specifically? It seems there’s some bug with that as a default, we will be looking into fixing! (And Ether I think I answered you in the other thread.)

Yes that’s right it seems to be just for the dawn theme. When selected the other themes do change the app icon whenever I exit the themes menu.

So yeah it’s the dawn theme that’s not updating the app icon

I’ve noticed after the last two or three updates that when I change the app icon, it is updated on the Home Screen but if I try to change it again subsequently it doesn’t update. Only when a new update drops can I change it again, once, before it is locked (again). Closing and rebooting the app doesn’t help either. Very weird - it never did it previously…

On one hand I’m pretty sure this is iOS not handling things properly, because once the icon swap confirmation comes up it’s out of our hands.

However… I do have a theory on what might be on our side. Basically with collectible icons we switched over to a single image resource format that iOS scales and started supporting a few years ago vs. tons of exports per icon for every size. I wonder if iOS icon switching is not handling that as well. So I wonder if this could explain a change in behavior/bugginess starting a few builds ago.

That said the issues I’ve experienced weren’t as severe as what you’re describing, like mine usually works and ‘sticks’ if I just switch to another icon and back to the one I want. That’s n

Well… it seems to be working just fine now! Very strange. Don’t touch anything! :wink: