Icon won’t change no siree

The icon won’t change but seems stuck. I’d like to buy a couple of icons I just want to make sure I will be able to see them.

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Reboot will unstick it! This really seems like a kind of global known iOS issue, I hope they fix it eventually.

I’m having the same issue. Every time I want to change the icon, it wont change. So are you telling me I have to reboot my phone every time I want to change the icon??? Seems a little unfair that I’ve bought so many icons and that’s the answer.

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My personal experience has been more like iOS can randomly, intermittently get in this state, and once I reboot it seems to ‘unstick’ it for a while. (Like it’s been weeks or some months since I last had to myself I think.) Though I’m not changing app icons daily, and I guess I might reboot more than most with development going on here.

I would be curious if you or anyone else is experiencing this much more frequently and if so if there’s any pattern to work out – maybe an older device with lower memory, or much more frequent icon switching in general etc.