App Icon not updating

Changing Clear icon in app doesn’t persist to Home Screen.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Change icon in Personalize > Icons section and confirm the change with the on screen notification
  2. Return to Home Screen

Expected Result
Changing the icon in app will persist to the Home Screen

Actual Result
The app icon does not change from the default icon


  • This did not occur for me in the Beta/TestFlight

Device info
iPhone 13 Pro
iOS 17.2.1

Same here for me never had this issue in the test flight app

Hey all thank you for reporting. I actually can’t reliably reproduce this on my end so I think there’s something else at play, either a buggy theme or two (and matching icon) or something more subtle. Will try to dig into this after we get through some of the bigger (data) issues!

Worked fine in test flight app

Is it advisable to delete the test flight app ??

I manually added the icons using the links you provided (as the QR codes didn’t work)

I ran into that issue too. Force closing the app, then restarting my phone fixed the issue.


In the same situation, rebooting my smartphone helped me with the TestFlight version and the app’s release version. For @phillryu: my device is - an iPhone SE 2020, iOS 17.2.1.

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Reboot worked for me :+1:

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Oof, can’t believe I didn’t try a reboot. That worked for me as well. Thank you @something!

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Ah yes the old turn it off then back on solution. This does make it seem like iOS might have some fixing to do too with custom icons…!

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This issue with app icon not updating after selecting new icon in Personalize–>Icons–>"You have changed the icon for “Clear” continues for me. A reboot of my iphone works and the icon updates but the solution doesn’t stick. I have to reboot each time I want to change the icon. iphone 12 mini, ios 17.2.1

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This is, indeed, an iOS bug. A lot of devs have encountered it already. IIRC, Tapbots “solved” it in Ivory by showing a pop up that instructs the user to reboot the device if they tap on the same icon more than once haha

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Oof. If it’s the same thing I’ve experienced, Apple hasn’t fixed this bug in at least 5 years. I had a momentary thought of wondering if we could just include a copy of every icon and swap between them to circumvent but don’t worry, we won’t make Clear even chonkier. I hope there turns out to be some kind of workaround though if this is a real iOS bug we can’t fix ourselves…

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I forgot to attach an image. Here’s Tapbots’ “workaround”.


Ahhh I see now. The repeated tap is a heuristic of “I’m trying to change it to this why isn’t it working”. Clever!

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Rebooting solves so many problems. As iOS’ reliability has deteriorated over the years, I’ve made it a practice to force close all apps and reboot my phone at least once a month and before every major iOS update. Call me paranoid :laughing: