So who's picking up the Apple Vision Pro headset?

Curious if anyone here is seriously considering picking one up day one?

I heard Apple’s internal reports were projecting about one unit sold per day per Apple Store with the high price tag :money_mouth_face: But it does sound like the money is put into bleeding edge tech and maybe it is transformative for enough productive use cases to be a good investment for some people.

On the design side I’ve been keeping up with Oculus and other VR headsets (and did try out a demo of Holo Lens and Magic Leap back in the day) but missed the latest PS VR so I’m curious about the eye tracking and finger pinching interactions. I do know if you’ve never tried modern VR, you will legitimately be blown away the first time trying Apple Vision Pro in how transportive this technology is.

We’re thinking we might order one as a team and mail it around, but we also don’t have any day one plans. Tend to do better just living with it and seeing if it inspires some cool new idea.

I will certainly get one once available in my country.
Can’t wait to try it in store. Hoping it will be comfortable enough for extended use.

Wondering how it will work with corporates who block iCloud features. would be great if it can still be used with limited features, e.g. not logged in on work MacBook and still able to access the machine via the headset. But this is probably wishful thinking.

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Yeah I have to imagine it’s the comfiest headset for long-term use out there and the display tech will help with it being so sharp I imagine. I wonder what will be the first experiences that get me using it hours a day, that I haven’t found dabbling with current gen VR.