Welcome to the Water Cooler (Basically Lounge/Off Topic Discussion Subforum)

(Hey all, just setting this up ahead of next week’s WWDC Keynote. I plan to set up a ‘live discussion thread’ here where we can all comment as we view, keep an eye on things possibly relevant for new Clear etc.)

Feel free to start discussion threads here that don’t necessarily have to do with Clear, but that the community may be interested in discussing. For example some things I’d guess many in the community are also into – Apple, good design, gaming, interesting or major tech news, hidden gem apps on the App Store, etc.

Let’s have some fun with some interesting tangents.

To start let’s keep the rules simple.

  1. Please refrain from posting about any “hot topic” political issues.

  2. Please be kind and thoughtful to each other.

And thank you all for making the brand new club clear forums what they are so far. Feels vintage internet in a cozy way.

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