WWDC 2023 Live Keynote Discussion Thread!

You’re all invited to join us here for a cozy retro live forum discussion thread to chat in while we all watch the WWDC Keynote Live, which begins streaming on Monday, June 5th, 10 AM PDT.

It looks like a big one. Perhaps it could be the last one you’ll watch not on your future Apple mixed reality headset.

My big question on the headset – is it exciting enough that they’ll give it the “one more thing” treatment?

Personally I look forward to looking out for anything relevant for the new Clear and dropping some hot takes on announcements and reveals as they come. And very curious on all of your thoughts as it goes!


I love this! Great idea. I’ll be joining in on the fun on Monday!


Sweet! Will definitely be checking in during the stream :smile:

Sweet, it’s officially a party with 3 RSVPed! Haha. I’ll tweet about it morning of etc! (And hopefully some of the other forum semi regulars join in the fun!)

Sounds great! I’ll try to check in here too. FWIW I’m eyeing the rumoured 15” MacBook Air and hoping for some sort of AirPod-related action as I just can’t decide/justify any of the current lineup as it stands.

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I’ll be here as well, so excited for tomorrow! :smiley:

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Hey guys, I’m new here. Who else is excited?


I’m starting to get a little hyped despite not following all the rumors. I mean… new headset! Huge deal, and basically Apple’s biggest swing at a new potentially mainstream personal computing paradigm since the iPhone? (Well perhaps iPad. Watch feels like it was always meant to be more of a secondary computer.)

I am curious how much more mind-blowing, or differently they will approach the interface vs. Meta so far, which I think actually did a pretty good job exploring the early space, but mostly the VR side vs. ‘mixed reality’.

And let’s be real, there’s going to be added pressure to deliver something truly memorable on the theatrics of this Keynote reveal too, if they really want to recapture the kind of magic we all felt when the original iPhone was announced. So I’m very curious how they present the device as well.


Here’s a wish for a new iOS feature I just tweeted :slight_smile:


I am tuning out the world when this Keynote starts!

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Such a great idea! Reminds me off the early day when was no live streaming. T -1h :boom: exciting!!



The no live streaming era seems literally ages away!

Here we go! Hope everyone is able to watch and enjoy!

Whew, made it just in time! Let’s go!

was just thinking that, crazy how far we’ve come

Ah looks like, they’re not wasting time before throwing out new stuff.

Pretty strong start! The latest MBA’s are such a perfect design. Just hoping they refresh the colors of the basic line to be super colorful sooner than later :art:


Huh, that’s less than I expected it to be