Slugging when creating new entries, have updated to newest update

We have updated to the newest version but when creating new entries, the app pauses for a minutes and then the interface goes wonky for a second and then lets you type the new entry.


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By the newest version do you mean having gone from 1.x to 2.x? Or do you mean going from like, 2.1.1 to 2.1.2 or something?

If the former, do you have some combination of many lists/items over the years and running on an older device?

Also… does the app lock up as well even if you try to sort a row to another position?

I have a couple performance issue theories here, one of which we should have a fix in testing soon, but let me know on some of these specifics.

Using this on a iPhone 15.
Current version of Clear app is 2.1.2
The doesn’t freeze, just slow.
No other device is using clear.

Just some background from January 9th


My wife’s lists disappeared as well!!!

After the app updated on her iPhone 15, it would not open. She would swipe up > quit and try to open the app again and it would just freeze. So, unfortunately she thought she would try to delete the app and install it again from the App Store. And in deleting the app, she deleted all the data. And upon downloading the App from the App Store, the App now worked but all her data for the past 10 years was gone :sob: :sob: :sob: . In helping her try to restore the data, we decided to perform an iPhone reset and recover from an older iCloud backup.

And after just finishing restoring the iPhone from an iCloud backup from a couple of days ago, it seems that her data from the iCloud backup is there. So, it seems, that after an iCloud>iPhone restore, the iPhone will download all necessary apps that were there before. And in that process it seems to have downloaded the new Clear app. And it seems that all the data from the lists have been restored and working with the new Clear App. A HUGE SIGH OF relief for her after some tears of losing a decade worth of information.

Just want to say, you have made a Great App, but I think maybe you guys could put something in the “Personalize” or “Control Panel” area of the app to perform an explicit backup of the Clear data to places like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.

Hope the above information could provide some help to others.

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Oof sorry about having put you through that. Yeah Clear includes its local data in the full device backups/restores but it’s a huge pain… we do have a basic iCloud backup and restore option in the earlyish updates roadmap that we will get to for this.

Can you reach out to me at over iMessage so we can try figuring out your performance issues/situation? I’m surprised to hear you’re on iPhone 15, there could be something else going on here… unless you truly have like a massive amount of lists!!