New CLEAR version - problem I’ve got

I am a heavy user of CLEAR since couple of years and have ca. 2k items listed on regular basis …

today I almost got a heart attack when I saw that after CLEAR update to new version … all my noted disapeared, the app is not opening (blue screen for 1-2 sec and than it closes itself).

To be direct = I am searching for help of some more advanced users.
Anyone else has wa similar problem?
Any idea how to solve it?

I am iphone 15PRO user.

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I have same issue. My saved lists are long and I’m a new iPhone 15 plus user. Completely gone this am. HELP!!

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Welcome to the club)

I will try to make another try ….

I will use another spare phone and try to get the CLEAR APP DATA from iphone backup dated yeasterday when it was working propoerly.

Then I will send the tasks list via email… at least then I will save the data …