Shop - multiple select before purchasing

I’ve been trying to get all the themes each day recently. So much fun to find the best color combos. HOWEVER. Having to buy each one separately is tiresome. What about selling them in bundles, or having a half swipe allow us to select them, and giving us an additional item that says ‘purchase’ when we have some selections?

Oooh or does multiple swipe do this already for up to as many fingers as we can coordinate??

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I wonder if it’ll be as common of a problem once they cost real money! :moneybag:

But if that problem persists, the multitouch swipe is a nice idea, a little easter-eggy but also one where you might expect it to work, and it would be delightful if it did. I will keep that in mind.

Edit: though thinking on it some more… it would be a huge pain in the ass! Mostly because I think the store lineups will often be shifting, and we would need to create an iTunes SKU for each unique bundle etc. Maybe there’s some other way though.