Shop Megathread

I wish this forum had better way to reply in-line to a bunch in one post!

$2.99 price: Still holding there. Very much just priced it by the gut, the gist of it was I wanted it to be high enough for people to go for their favorites and for it to feel a little earned, after getting stuff done that day with Clear etc. But, within that context, still hopefully relative impulse purchase territory.

Definitely possible it’s not perfect pricing but it feels enough within the window where I don’t want to rush any changes. If we were to consider a more permanent price drop moving forward, it would have to involve some serious way of trying to make good on customers so far too.

Sale pricing: I think flash sales are possible in the future, like for a holiday the shop lineup is discounted. Not quite the same but we will be featuring some freebies in an upcoming weekend shop event test.

Loyalty/reward discounts: I would really like to do something special for the collectors and frequent shoppers. Right now we’re first focused on some ideas to make collectibles more useful and fun with product updates and features. (Along the lines of widgets / per-list personalization.) And some upgrade ideas for shopping in general. But will be thinking there.

Yes that is the notorious Meaty’s theme!

Rewards for purchase: I just don’t want to devalue them but I get it especially with the Gift referral rewards. I wonder if we could just target a few of those like the classic Mac icon and make a nice variant for sale in the shop.

Corporate stuff: That’s true, we were in this headspace lately while preparing a lot of Apple inspired content for shop event, so a lot of the fresh collectibles lately is brand inspired, like ones we grew up liking as kids etc. Should be a phase that we’re exiting now. This is kind of how we often explore things – get obsessed, suck the marrow out, move on satisfied we covered what we needed to.

I guess it is kind of funny because we are very indie, and in some ways anti ‘big corporation’. But you know, we’re mostly anti bullshit. Grew up inspired by many brands, companies, products like Apple, Nintendo, LEGO, awesome movies and games etc.