Sending lists from other places to Clear? Shortcuts integration

is there any way to pipe in lists from other places using shortcuts or something? I have a morning checklist that I drop into the filthy, pedestrian Reminders app via a shortcut.

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Hmm I don’t think we have that kind of app URL import support, we could look into it in the update roadmap. The only thought I have with the current beta is it does accept pasting in a list of text, maybe that can help for now a bit.

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Would there be a share sheet action to add text to clear ? Or would that be beyond the scope of getting back into the App Store?

Shortcuts integration would be really powerful. It would effectively outsource a ton of complex/“pro” functionality to the shortcuts system.
Creating recurring lists, like tapping_rainbow wants, but also off the top of my head: sending tasks to Clear without a share extension, archiving/promoting list items automatically, timed reminders or a daily digest of uncompleted items from a list.

I think you could do all of that with just five actions:

  • Get Lists
  • Create List
  • Create Item on List
  • Get List Items
  • Cross/Uncross Item

These two also make sense:

  • Delete Item
  • Archive/Delete List

And this would probably be good for QoL:

  • Move List Item

(This is a first draft brainstorm with 10 minutes of active thought (and a couple years of subconscious thought), so apologies if it’s sounds naive.)

I totally get that it’s nontrivial to implement Shortcuts Actions, and even less trivial to implement robustly. But there’s something to be said about modern iOS apps that do not just create little walled gardens for themselves, but rather operate in the software ecosystem of the phone.
Maybe something to consider for 2.X.

I think we’d have to look into that in the roadmap! I feel like we’d want to handle the choice of which list to send it etc. well UX wise and we’d have to look into it.

Appreciate that, I’m not really a shortcuts person so this feels like a helpful subconscious distillation, the idea that power users could potentially get a bunch of power user functions earlier via a relatively short list of shortcut actions. Will at the very least look into this for early updates roadmap.

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I could really use this feature because I’m playing TOTK and adding each shrine to a list is too painful to do right now. The stables were okay to add, but there a lot of shrines. A lot.

If it’s just a one time thing could you just make a list in notes and then just paste it in? I thought Clear did a pretty good job of separating into multiple lines.


Shrine of Ru-Tanuki
Shrine of Mari-Bowse
Shrine of Pri-pea’ch

I just typed those 3, selected, pasted into Clear. It’s not amenable to automation of course but as a one time it works.

Bumping this. Clear needs robust shortcuts integration on launch

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