Search bar for long lists

Can you please add a search bar for long lists (checked or unchecked)?


This has been a recurring one. I’m not entirely sure where to tuck it away without annoying the times you don’t need it, but maybe it’s possible our upcoming gesture shortcuts could somehow accommodate. (Search UI feels a little tricky though to do right within our minimalist framework.)

For the people who want this, how much of your needs might be satisfied if we supported your lists coming up in general iOS Spotlight search?

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Any chance of a search function this time around? Having used Clear before for note taking and archiving useful links, I found that the lack of search became an increasing liability. Or is it there and I just didn’t see it?


Merged your post here to a similar thread, let me know what you think of my reply above.


I agree, I think this is a critical feature. A lot of apps have it built with a pull-down from the top (think iOS Spotlight, Things 3, Due). I think it’s a much more intuitive gesture to pull down to search than to pull down to go back. I think to go back should tap at the top, edge swipe, or press and hold.

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Is there anyway to incorporate a search function to go straight to that line by entering a keyword. This would be amazing if you have lots of info to wade through. Like tags. Maybe you can have a shake to search function which brings up a search bar.


Merged your request here. Will be thinking on this one, I do think it’s probably complicated enough to get right that it’s unlikely to make it to the initial release. But perhaps in the updates roadmap.

Since we now have a swipe gestures on the list title for personalisation. Could we make the list title sticky and then swipe right to bring up the search?


For me, I’m not so concerned searching for the names of list themselves, but finding items within the lists.

For long lists, such as books - which seems evergrowing, I’ve found myself using notes apps instead to prevent me adding duplicates. Would be nice to have them in Clear app instead.

I don’t think I would need it much… but I do think that the iOS spotlight search would be the best way to handle it.

I haven’t found myself wanting a search feature, but if it existed in the app, I think I would expect it to be in the main menu: Lists, Shared, Archive, Search, List Catalog, Personalize, Getting Started.

July is a delayed response…. sorry, but the search function is truly something wanted, needed in old “Clear” and still needed today! “A later release” would mean Uncle release without it.

I get why a search function is a popular request. And I’m not necessarily against it.

I have a good number of lists in Clear and I feel like if I ever need to search across all of my lists, then at that point I might be using Clear more like a database than a task manager.

I just don’t have an elegant ‘native to Clear’s visual aesthetics’ UI in mind yet for the searching, but it feels like it could be a gesture action to trigger it, which solves one side of this. (A way for people who want this feature to use it without it distracting others from the simple zen side of Clear.)

Maybe it just pops up the keyboard with the search bar integrated more iOS visual style on top of it. (And then filters as you type, to show only the items or lists that include the search phrase?)


Can you have Siri trigger the search? “Hey Siri, search Clear please” and it brings up the iOS keyboard with search integrated as you suggested?


Hmm possibly though we haven’t looked into Siri integration. But I would not feel OK if Siri was the only way. (I have mixed feelings about how well Siri works in my life :sweat_smile:)

Spotlight search would be very helpful, feels like it would a great way to balance the needs of folks who want search and the minimalist ethos that we love about Clear