Sharing list as plain text shows as url

i just updated to version 2.2.1 and sharing the list by swiping right on the title works but when i copy the plain text it is bugged. it pastes it as a url for everything and the whole text is like a long url with %’s and stuff. i’m on ios 17.4.1 iphone 14 pro

also this is probably not new but if i use a plus sign (+) in a task and cross it out it goes right through the middle so it looks weird especially in the sharing as screenshot. same with equals sign it makes it look weird. example in image attached. also i noticed screenshotting pulls out the same options as swiping right on the title so are both features needed at the same time?

also there’s small dots in between the new lines when swiping as seen in image attached.

Thank you for reporting this! I think I know what happened here, we may consider a quick hot fix. Let me look into this with the team today. (focusing on the plain text share bug to start!)

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Ok we figured this out, it’s a little silly. Basically if your list title is a single word, the semi colon after it (in plain text export) seems to be triggering link-ification when I paste from clipboard into Notes app. (And if your list title is more than one word it avoids that auto detection.)

Maybe we should just make the title export all caps and remove the : added, that should fix it.

i like that idea, but i’d rather have the choice of the capitalization of my title while losing the colon. if there’s a new line in between the title and list then no colon isn’t really an issue. because all caps i personally don’t like for a title. but i’d be ok losing the colon

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Yeah was thinking between some options, I think the extra space could subjectively be annoying too in a similar way. We just implemented an all caps fix here for now, probably room for improvement in the future. Thanks again for reporting this one.

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i just remembered i also wanted to ask if it was possible to be able to put in custom times for the reminders. my friends birthday is may 3rd and a reminder to say happy birthday i want set may 2nd at 11:59pm but it only goes in intervals of 5 mins and you can’t enter a custom number. is this possible to add or is there a reason it hasn’t been added?

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We went with the 5 minute intervals because it just means less scrolling with the wheel picker! I think it’s a pretty solid sweet spot/compromise for most cases and most people but I can see how there would be some frustrating special cases. We could consider it but I guess there is a side to Clear where it’s able to feel nice and simple because of various constraints, hopefully the right ones overall. So I would be a little wary of trading away like ‘less scrolling for most people most of the time’ for this level of precision much more occasionally if that makes sense.

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that makes sense, thank you for the explanation! being able to manually enter a time could still (like in the native calendar app for example) possibly work by tapping the hours or minutes, while still having the 5 min intervals. i completely understand though! also could time sensitive notifications ever be added? i’m not sure how that works on your end. the option in notification settings, it would be helpful to have time sensitive notifications for reminders and the choice to toggle it on or off