Scanning a theme QR-code in iOS 15.8

Hey, hi! Loving the new design, but unfortunately I have an old phone – iPhone SE 2016, and therefore a problem with downloading the Luminova theme that I got from the emails.

I cannot scan QR-codes from the Photos app, and if I send the screenshot to myself and scan it from my PC, it says “No usable data found.” Third-party QR-code readers also fail, they just refuse to open anything, even though they see the command the QR-code is trying to invoke. I tried pasting that command into Safari, because that usually works, but Safari couldn’t open it either, said something along the lines of “there is no app to use this with”.

Is it just too early to redeem these themes, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

read this

copy links in your safari

Tells me that “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.”

Edit: tried it with the “clearx” links from your post (my link says “clearapp” instead), still tells me that the address is invalid.

Strange. I had problems with the original QRs, but once the final version 2 was installed I used the links in the post via Safari and it opened in local Clear, unlocking the content. At this point I don’t know

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Thank you anyway for answering! For some reason I didn’t find your post (even though I’ve searched for “Luminova” and “themes”), and yet you didn’t fault me for it, just linked it instead. No toxicity. I appreciate that.

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I’m just going to unlock ALL of these along with some other stuff in the 2.0.1 for you all. (When you first visit Personalize after updating.) As a sorry for not carrying over old collections and thank you for early adopting.

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That would be lovely, thank you so much! Here’s hoping you decide to restore Pixel sound pack in the future as well. :angel:

With that said, thank you for the app. It’s the perfect to-do list, I cannot use any other. So I’m thankful for it literally just existing. :slight_smile: Here’s to many more years of the best to-do app on the App Store!

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Restoring the couple classic sound packs is not impossible in the future, we just at the moment have a lot of bigger fish to fry and some big bugs to squish etc. But will see if it’s still a request later this year if we happen to have bandwidth. And yeah, cheers to that!

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