Predictive emoji only works sometimes

hi all!

I love using emoji in my lists, but for some reason, the predictive text emoji keyboard feature isn’t working.

It did work at some point, but I don’t know what changes to disable it. I’ve done a bit of troubleshooting (terninate app, delete + redownload, restart phone, disable/re-enable predictive text, disable/re-enable emoji keyboard, and a few other bits.)

I’m on latest iOS 17.2.1 on 15 pro.

Attaching screenshot of predictive emoji not working on Clear. Would have attached a few more to show how it works elsewhere, but new user media limit :sweat_smile:

appreciate any tips or help!

Ex-dev thoughts: I wonder if the list items are inheriting from UITextView, and if UITextView has certain properties that may restrict emoji in predictive results (eg. UITextInputTraits.keyboardType or .autoCorrect settings) :thinking:

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Thanks for posting this and your theory. I will add this to our list linking this post for reference.

I think I might’ve run into this as well, or some variant, definitely noticed occasional wonkiness with emoji.

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