Growing list of Bugs/weird behaviour i encounter

Clear is back!
Here are some things i encountered which I didn’t get at first try.

  • Moving a list item out to another list, I tried to do the right swipe gesture from the left side of the screen (native ios back gesture). After 2 tries tried i remembered that you need to swipe from the top to jump back. Maybe change the wording of the tutorial?
  • Applying themes doesn’t work when pressing on the right side (where the legendary, rare, etc. tags are. :slight_smile:
  • I would like a signifier when i go to themes, which ones are newly unlocked, like another border, before you apply it for the first time :slight_smile:
  • Dragging a list item to the list overview should create a new list!
  • I couldn’t rename the premade “:bulb:Today” List. pressing on the name, didnt highlight it and let me type, it just crossed the list while pressing. Had to delete the list
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