Emoji search breaks keyboard

when i click an emoji in the little emoji search bar it like breaks my keyboard. not a big deal but it’s a bug i came across. i’m on ios 17.4.1 on iphone 14 pro on version 2.16 of Clear. pictures might help with clarification. after i click the emoji it makes the emoji bar disappear and then like breaks the keyboard and nothing works on the keyboard. it only happens if you choose an emoji from the emoji search bar though. so like if you search “egg” and click the egg it’ll do it. so like if you wanted to do two eggs you can’t. or you can’t type any words etc etc.

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Thank you for reporting, I’ve been running into this randomly myself but hadn’t figured out the pattern.

I tried to reproduce it here, by typing egg in an item, then tapping the emoji, but it does still let me type. Do you have a simple set of steps where this happens every time I can try?

Will also note I was on 17.3.1 here, upgrading to 17.4.1 now just in case that matters. But had definitely ran into this here and there myself over the past few months at least.

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step 1: tap the emoji button at bottom left.
step 2: click on the emoji search bar at the top.
step 3: search any emoji (my example was egg). OR choose any emoji under search bar without searching anything and it will still occur).
step 4: click the emoji after searching for it (should be underneath search bar).
step 5: keyboard should not register anything you click whether it’s emojis numbers letters or symbols or even the next button. you have to click the screen to exit the keyboard.