Emojis and sorting in new clear

Emojis and sorting don’t work in new clear.
Example if I write Norway in old clear I see a flag but not in the new clear.
Second - I exported my existing lists to new clear and ordering/sorting is messed up. It’s old first to new last, I prefer new to old. How do I change that?


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Unfortunately there isn’t a way to flip the order, but I will have to look into that as a bug to fix for the import.

When I type “Norway” into an item in the new Clear, my iOS keyboard shows the emoji suggestion above it. Strangely when I do the same in old Clear I do not see it there. So I seem to have the reverse experience?? Wonder what’s going on here… (It could be an iOS bug or behavior because the keyboard is a black box to us.)

Emojis are fine now. Thank you.