Pomodoro Timer feature?

I love this app and its dopamine releasing user experience.
However, I’ve recently become a Pomodoro timing addict and was thinking about this user case.

I have a list of house tasks like: Take out Trash, or Do the Dishes.
(I will drag my feet till I’m motivated usually, that is till I started timing myself and then I realize oh that was 4:31 to take out the trash… why did I wait this long? )

What if we had list-based timers or per-line item timers?
-Then I could “time trial” for repeat tasks to get faster.
–Granted at some point you can only get so fast, so after a few runs that keep matching up, it just rewards you saying congrats you are maintaining pace, instead of making it feel completely futile…


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Pitching in as a Pomodoro user: I use Clear for my Activity Log (that I pick from when I set my to do for the day, and estimate task sizes). I’ll add reminders as a “get this done by” time (which I generally only set for hard deadlines). I love it for this.

Not to shoot your idea down, but I do feel adding a pomodoro timer (or any timer really) is moving away from the very minimalist and “pointed” principles of Clear. There are good pomodoro apps out there already, which will give you stuff like stats for free. I’m partial to a physical timer myself (I use Minee3), in part because I enjoy putting daily schedules by hand and crossing things off physically.

But I’m just a user, so what do I know😅

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I have some ideas on Pomodoro possibilities in the future! We have a pretty cool ‘gesture’ to pair with it. (If curious, check out our other apps.) Not promising quite yet that we ship this, but that it’s on our radar and I thought actually could harmonize with Clear potentially.