Am I the only one who hasn't yet used clear as a serious app, instead its more of a game

I am sure at some stage soon, I will delete everything in clear, start again, and see if I prefer it to the built in reminders list. My first thoughts are many plusses and a few minuses.

when I first installed the game I mean app, then saw the rewards, the app then filled up with random lists. lists with lots of single letter tasks, and lots of over 20 word lists, to tick off rewards. Open the app. screen shot a quote. then a list. insert a task. reorder. Archive a list, bring it back. a long quote. tick off 10 things. open the shop. change the theme. ping ping ping. rewards.

Done most of the easy rewards, figure I might have to consider soon that Clear the Game has been completed and try and use it seriously. Not complaining though.


This is me, every day, right after midnight. :joy: I’ve got all the easy ones out of the way too. I just need 5 more quote packs for the “Master” reward and 9 people to help me get the “Gift Clear” rewards, the rest is easy. :sweat_smile: I love the app, though, it’s in my dock and I’m starting to use it more seriously. :sunglasses: I’ve had the original “Clear” pretty much since the beginning, but I already like this new version better. :+1:


Nope, just using it as normal and unlocking things as they come.

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Haha I’m glad you all are having fun with it.

Tangentially I do feel the average person could actually use some tips on listing more. Like maybe most people on the planet have only made a few types of todo lists in their life? (Todo on a busy day/week, groceries, a couple others)

So thinking about putting back some tutorial suggestion lists for new people, or maybe we will revisit the ‘list library’ type resource later.

It’s hard to articulate but Clear really comes to life when it starts becoming your second brain and we could probably do a better job pointing the way for people intrigued.


At the beginning I did play around with Clear to get the easy rewards (such as the Early Bird reward). However now I am at the point where I’m working on the rewards day-by-day, but I think I am doing well with organizing tasks better and utilizing the app to my needs.

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Yeah I did try to design them so most of them should unlock over time with regular use.

And we definitely have plans to add more over time. Maybe secret ones… maybe packs later on like weather or HealthKit integrating ones… this side can get quite wild over time, and I think without really encroaching on the core simplicity / basically opt-in for the people who love them.

“Complete some tasks at a cafe on a rainy day while sipping a warm drink” etc. Could in theory with location permissions + weather integration, check all of that and presume the warm drink :slight_smile:


I have found a highly productive balance by using r\Reminders in iOS for repeating reminders, whether they repeat daily, irregularly or even yearly. I use Clear like a real “to do” check list of non-repeating tasks and for making lists that aren’t “to dos” but need to be put somewhere that I can always find/access them. Once I trained myself where to put the list, task or idea it made life easier and much more productive. I hope this input is helpful.

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