Whatever you do, please don’t change a thing!

I loved Clear when I first discovered it 10 years ago and I’m loving it again after recently being diagnosed with ADHD.

After struggling for years to find/make a do-it-all system with an app that can organize my entire life, I’ve finally realized that what works for me is simple specialized tools. I just need a distraction-free place to write my tasks, and for me that’s Clear. I have 3 lists: “5-minute tasks” I can pretty much do anytime, “stressful/involved tasks” that require me to set aside time to focus on, and “deadlines/commitments” for tasks/ events that have a specific time or due date (I don’t even use the reminders, I just order them by date).

Clear is perfect, whatever you do don’t change it. If y’all add new features like subtasks, recurring lists, etc, please at least hide them away behind settings (like how Reminders is).

There’s only one feature I do request: please bring back the Apple Watch app! I’m bummed that my app of choice isn’t on Watch.


I also have ADHD, but it’s perfect as it currently is.
Very simple and clear to use, the fonts are a perfect size, the orange grading is ideal, and it’s not cluttered with things I don’t need like 99% of the other list makers.

There should be an option in the new version just to set it like the current version. This could be in settings - “Use Clear Classic” or something like that.

I don’t need other fonts, colors, subsections, emojis, or any of those things. What makes Clear so brilliant is it’s simplicity and the fact it’s really… clear.


This thread may be of interest to you, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

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