Option to alphabetize the master list of lists (not just within a list), or barring that, at least a search function

I’ve been using clear for eons and I love it. One really BIG caveat that prevents me from using it as much as I’d like, is the inability to alphabetize the main “list of lists”. I’m not talking about alphabetizing within a list, because I generally don’t need those lists alphabetized and would rather manually sort them based on other criteria like priority. BUT the main “list of lists” or list of headers, whatever you want to call it, is my longest list! Can you please consider creating an option to alphabetize the main “list of lists”, or barring that at least create a search function so I don’t have to scroll endlessly to find the list I’m looking for? If there’s at least the alphabet function, then there’s ways to subvert it if I want to; I can put an asterix at the start of my header if I wanted that list to show up at the top. But without the alphabet function, it all has to be done manually…

I’m loving a lot of the other suggestions for add ons, and also finding some of the alterations from the original clear to be a bit strange (if clear is so beloved, why change the parts that we like??). To me alphabetization of my list of lists is the biggest concern. So this is me pleading you to consider this one thing :pray:


Am I doing this wrong? I never got a reply