Emailing and alphabetizing lists

I used to shake my phone to “undo” a move, or to “email” a list to someone and I don’t seem to be able to do anymore. Can I email a list?

The only solution I am seeing is to screenshot and email, but my list is too long.

Also, is there anyway to alphabetize a list? I was hoping that would be one of the new features.

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Swipe the list’s title right. You’ll see 2 “previews” appear. Tap the left one. It’ll bring up Share Sheet which should include your email app e.g. Gmail.

As for sorting, Clear doesn’t support this yet. I have a workaround though that uses an iOS shortcut. It involves a number of steps but it gets the job done. Does this interest you?


The email function works! Thank you.

And yes, I would be interested in the work-around if you can share.

Thanks for the quick response!



This might seem lengthy, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. :grinning:


  1. Add Sort Lines.
  2. Open Shortcuts and find “Sort Lines”.
  3. Tap “…” > :information_source: > “Show in Share Sheet” > “Done” > “Done”.


  1. Prefix the title of the list you want to sort with “-”.
  2. Swipe the list right and choose the left preview.
  3. Select “Sort Lines”.
  4. Tap the pop-up that displays the sorted list.
  5. Click the share icon at the bottom-left corner > “Copy” > “Done” > “Done”.
  6. Pull down to make a new list and paste.


Optionally, you can delete your old list and rename the new one to remove the dangling “:” and “-”.

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It took me a few tries, but I got it! Thank you so much for the “fix”.


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