Ability to alphabetize items on a list

Any chance Clear would ever incorporate the ability to alphabetize the items on a list automatically?

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Someone had actually just written in via email about this as well. Here’s what I replied with:

It’s possible! So the challenge is adding on more ‘once in a while’ or power user features into Clear without cluttering or complicating it for most of the time (or people) who don’t need it.

However I think the new Clear will have a very interesting new feature that can accomodate functions like this. We will be adding some gestures you can customize and pair with actions of your choice that we support. So maybe a couple of these actions could be some sort options for the list you’re in. Not sure if those will be in the initial beta when we roll out the gestures to start, but it will lay the ground.

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I like the idea, but how would you do it?

While using the app, there are no “buttons” per se, just gestures.

If it’s a setting, it would stand to reason that alphabetize would be an ON or OFF situation.

As a GESTURE, perhaps if you turned the phone upside down and then right side up like you would a snow globe, it could alphabetize a list once, but still allow you to move tasks freely afterward.