New Clear Theme: Black be added back as a choice

Can the old Clear theme Teaser: Black be added back as a choice in the next beta? It is so simple and easy to read especially in lengthy notes because it doesn’t use the heat gradient. New Clear beta Simple Black just doesn’t work. It would if it were the reverse of the current Theme Simple White.


We have a Minimalist Dark theme you’re probably looking for with flat black list background. Should be in the beta loot pool.

Also noting Simple Black is bugged I believe (with the text gradienting unintentionally) we will get to that fix eventually on next themes pass.


Thanks Phill, sounds like what I’m looking for, but it’s not showing up on my Beta, which is Version 2.0.0 (8006). Also, there’s a couple of things I’m still wondering about. How will the update process know which Clear I’m using - Beta or Legacy? And, the Settings storage is now showing 425.6 MB and going up daily. Legacy Clear is still at 32.6.

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